Creating enduring value through responsible management of strategy, finances, and governance.

Who we are

We are a holding company that owns shares in various businesses across different industries. As a shareholder and partner, we are committed to working closely with our portfolio companies to provide strategic guidance, operational support, and financial resources to help them achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Through our investments, we strive to create value for our patners while contributing to the growth and development of the businesses in which we invest.

Where we invest

Our approach to investment involves utilizing our own balance sheet to invest in and support innovative, dynamic, and sustainable ventures that have the potential to deliver long-term growth and value. By committing permanent capital, we enable our ventures to establish achievable objectives and offer them adequate time to execute their strategies through industry and economic fluctuations.

Who we support

We extend our support to a select few companies and make a substantial reserve of follow-on capital available to facilitate their organic development and expedite external growth through strategic acquisitions.

What we build

We cultivate enduring relationships with entrepreneurs, families, and co-investors and function as an engaged industrial and financial collaborator to managers, providing a sounding board without ever supplanting their authority in daily operations.

What we aim

Our objective is to execute our professional role as shareholders with excellence, harnessing a range of strategic, financial, and organizational mechanisms to drive sustainable long-term value creation.